What Floors Can I Cover in Epoxy?

Floors in high traffic areas of your house can be tough to protect. Whether they’re in your home or business, your floors are an investment worth protecting. That’s where epoxy can help. Covering your floors in epoxy can help them look nice and last a long time. We can be your Epoxy Floor Staten Island solution for all your epoxy floor needs, but there are certain floors that are better for covering in epoxy than others.

3 Types of Floors You Can Cover in Epoxy

Concrete Floors

If your workspace is covered in concrete flooring, epoxy is the best thing you can add to ensure it stays durable and unstained. It is especially helpful in industrial workspaces like auto shops or warehouses that handle big loads or lots of chemicals. Like any type of floor, you need to make sure you prepare the concrete properly before covering it in epoxy. Make sure to also repair any existing cracks or gaps in the floor and clean up any grease stains. You can use epoxy on untreated concrete floors to make them more durable.

Linoleum Floors

Though concrete is the ideal type of floor for covering in epoxy, if you prepare a linoleum floor correctly, you can cover it in epoxy as well. For epoxy to adhere to linoleum, you need to have it professionally sanded. Otherwise, the floor will have bubbles and cracks. If it’s done well, you can enjoy a really beautiful, durable floor. With our professional-grade products, we can develop a personalized solution for your floor.

Wood Floors

Without any type of protective coating, wood floors can get damaged easily. Covering it in epoxy can help make it more durable. However, not all wood floors are ideal for covering in epoxy. The types of wood floors that will work are those with no buckling, gaps, or loose boards. For the epoxy to stick, you’ll need to sand the floor first. You should also remove any existing stains or seals. Because wood can be structurally compromised more easily, it’s better to cover it in epoxy if it is in a home rather than in an industrial environment.

Advantages of Covering Your Floors in Epoxy

Easy to Maintain

With an epoxy covering, you will no longer need to wax your floors. When cured, an epoxy floor can have a beautiful shine all on its own. This allows you to save a lot of time when maintaining your floors. Epoxy floors also less likely to chip or crack and are nonporous.

Easier to Clean

Besides not needing to wax your floors, covering them in epoxy also makes them easier to clean. Gone are the days when you had to scrub, strip, or buff your floors. With an epoxy floor covering, all you need to clean your floor is a mop!

More Durable

In an industrial environment, having a durable floor is a necessity. If your floor isn’t durable enough, it can easily crack and become damaged. Covering your floor in epoxy will help ensure that it can withstand varying heavy loads over time. The compounds found in epoxy help make a floor stronger so it can handle lots of weight, wear and tear, heat, and spills over time.

More Resistant to Water and Stains

Having a stained or rotting floor is the last thing you want in your home or business. Because of it’s nonporous nature, spills like water and oil won’t cause damage to your floors. An epoxy covering will help to keep your floors from becoming compromised by the growth of mold and mildew.

Improved Appearance

An epoxy covering on your floor allows for a smooth, glossy finish. This can give your home or business a more appealing look. It’s also seamless, unlike some other types of flooring. Epoxy is also available in all sorts of different colors, so you can personalize your floor to match the rest of your building’s decor.

More Cost-effective

Because a floor covered in epoxy is more durable and easy to clean, it’s also more cost-effective. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars hiring out someone to do the buffing, waxing, or stripping like you would with other floors. The durability will also prevent you from needing to replace your floors as often, which saves you money.

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