How to Clean Epoxy Floors

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Most property owners prefer an epoxy finish to make concrete surfaces more durable. To help the epoxy floor maintain a glossy finish, you should keep it clean. Using the wrong material or cleaning techniques on epoxy floors can cause them to lose their shine over time. Epoxy floor Staten Island specialists offer a step-by-step guide on cleaning epoxy floors.

Find the Right Tools and Cleaning Agents

Having the right tools makes epoxy floor cleaning easier, helping you to get excellent results. You should find soft bristle brooms and brushes to deal with the dirt when cleaning the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any debris and fine dirt while preparing the floors for a wash. A microfiber mop can retain the epoxy floor’s glossy finish when washing it because it does not scour the surface.

You should get the right cleaning agent to clean your floors effectively. ATK Epoxy Floors recommends a solution of warm soapy water to wipe the floor clean. Avoid using cleaning products with vinegar or citrus solutions. Cleaning using acids can wear down the epoxy and de-gloss its finish, leaving you with a dull-looking floor.

Remove Dirt and Debris

Areas with much traffic around the house or office accumulate dirt and debris quickly. Leaving any debris or grime on the epoxy floors unattended can cause it to be embedded into the surface. You might notice scratches on the floor if you move heavy stuff over the dirty surface.

Use a broom to sweep off the loose dirt on your floor. You can scrub off some sticky debris using a soft brush before vacuuming tight spots to leave your space dust-free.

During your sweep of the whole room, you will notice areas with tough stains that require special attention during your deep clean.

Deep Clean the Surface

Deep cleaning your epoxy floor regularly helps avoid grease and stain buildup that can be hard to clean in the future. Mix the warm soapy water solution in a bucket before mopping. This will help break down stubborn stains like greasy patches on the epoxy floors to leave your space clean. The solution dries off quickly after you mop, which prevents streaks on your floors. But make sure to change out the dirty water frequently for clean spoapy water.

Spot Clean When Need Arises

Certain areas of the floor might need more attention than others, so you can target them for an even clean. Areas with chemical spills require immediate attention as the chemicals can have hazardous compounds on epoxy floors. To prevent the chemicals from acting as epoxy catalysts, you can first neutralize them and wipe them down.

Spot cleaning arrests potential issues in good time to prevent them from worsening. Dealing with such problems early saves you money since your epoxy floor remains intact.

Work With the Best Epoxy Floor Staten Island Specialists

Epoxy floors introduce an impressive glossy look into your home. All you have to do to keep the floor looking shiny is clean it properly. Use the above tips from Epoxy floor Staten Island specialists to maintain a clean floor.

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