How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy a Garage Floor?

ATK Epoxy Floors, LLC

If you’re considering garage floor epoxy installation, you may want to know the costs. At ATK Epoxy Floors in Staten Island, our costs start at $1,500 for a one-car garage and $2,500 for a two-car garage. Several factors affect the price of epoxy floor installation, such as the size of your garage and condition of the floor. Contact us for a free detailed quote to learn more about the expected costs.

Understanding the Costs Associated With Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

No two garage floor epoxy installations are the same, so the installation cost can vary depending on the needs and specifications of your project. Understanding these factors can help you determine potential costs and prepare a suitable budget. Here are the main factors that affect epoxy floor installation costs:

1. Garage Size

Installing an epoxy floor on a two-car or three-car garage will generally cost more than a single-car garage. A bigger area will need more materials to cover it. It will also require more labor, which adds to the installation costs. At ATK Epoxy Floors, the base of our costs starts at $1,500 for one-car garages and increases for larger spaces. You can measure the length and width of your garage to get a better idea of its size.

2. Garage’s Current Condition

The garage gets a lot of traffic and wears down over time. If your garage is in good condition, the installation will be easier and quicker. It may not need a lot of prep work, reducing labor and material costs. If your garage is in bad condition and requires repairs, they’ll add to the overall cost. These might include cracks, holes, and other imperfections in the concrete. Our team understands the importance of prep work for a successful epoxy installation, so we’ll do everything needed and use the right materials.

3. Choice of Epoxy Flooring Installer

Various companies may charge different rates for the same project. If you have a quote from one company, don’t assume another company will provide similar rates. Contact your preferred contractor to get a full breakdown of the costs. ATK Epoxy Floors in Staten Island offers competitive rates for our projects. We always discuss the estimated costs before we start working on your epoxy floor installation project, so you can decide whether it fits your budget.

Choose ATK Epoxy Floors for Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

At ATK Epoxy Floors, we provide reliable and high-quality epoxy flooring installation services. Our team can do it all, from large commercial spaces to residential garages. We use the best materials to protect your garage floor and handle every step professionally for exceptional results. Contact us today at 917-578-9387 for a free detailed estimate and learn more about our services.