Does Epoxy Floors Increase Home Value?

Installing an epoxy floor Staten Island can enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal and value. Epoxy floors are durable, water-resistant, anti-slip, and low maintenance. ATK Epoxy Floors can cater to all your epoxy flooring needs if you’re looking to upgrade your floor.

Reasons Why Epoxy Floors Increase the Home’s Value

Epoxy floor Staten Island housing can be higher in value due to the benefits of this flooring style:

Improved Aesthetics

Epoxy floors provide a sleek and modern look, transforming a dull floor into a stunning and eye-catching surface. The smooth finish and glossy sheen of an epoxy floor create the illusion of depth, making the room appear more spacious and airy. This adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making your home look more polished and refined. Epoxy floors also come in numerous colors and finishes, so you can find an option that matches your home’s decor.

ATK Epoxy Floors carries a wide selection of epoxy floor options that can transform your space. Our options range from solid matte colors, for property owners looking for simple but elegant epoxy floors, to mixed shimmery options, for those looking for designs to help their spaces stand out.

Low Maintenance

Epoxy floors don’t require frequent cleaning or polishing to maintain their pristine appearance. These floors are resistant to stains, spills, and heavy traffic. They’re also seamless, with no grout lines or joints for dirt and bacteria to accumulate. This makes epoxy floors easier to clean and maintain.

We recommend using a gentle detergent and mop to clean your epoxy floors to maintain their functionality and appearance. You only need to do this at least quarterly, so you can save time spent caring for your floors.


Epoxy floors are composed of resins and hardeners, which chemically react, forming a rigid and durable surface. The hard-wearing surface can withstand heavy foot traffic, impact, heat, and chemicals. The seamless installation of these floors also eliminates potential weak points or joints prone to tearing, cracking, or chipping. The more durable a floor is, the lesser the repair or maintenance cost.

ATK Epoxy Floors offers high-quality products, so you can be sure our floors will serve you for a long time.

Factors Affecting the Value Increase of Epoxy Floors

While epoxy floors can increase your home’s value, the amount of value added depends on several factors, including:

Quality of Installation

High-quality installation optimizes the durability, functionality, and appearance of epoxy flooring. This maximizes the value added to your property. Poor installation can cause bubbles, cracks, or chips making your epoxy floor appear shabby and unattractive. This can detract from your home’s aesthetics and diminish the value of your floor.

ATK Epoxy Floors aims to deliver exceptional quality to all our clients. We start our projects by assessing your property to determine your needs and create an installation plan. Our expert installers then prepare your chosen space by eliminating dirt and debris, filling up cracks, and sanding rough spots. A well-prepared space allows the epoxy to adhere correctly, producing high-quality results.

Type of Epoxy Used

High-quality epoxies, like 100% solid epoxy, offer long-lasting protection to your floors, enhancing their value. Cheaper, low-quality epoxies may leave your floors susceptible to damage, translating to lower home value. We’ve learned how to differentiate high-quality epoxy from low-quality epoxy in our 25+ years in the industry. Our team will offer expert guidance on choosing epoxy flooring that’ll optimize your property value.

Find the Best Epoxy Floor Staten Island at ATK Epoxy Floors

ATK Epoxy Floors is one of Staten Island’s best epoxy floor installers. We can boost your home value by recommending the best type of epoxy floors and providing high-quality installation services. Contact us for a free estimate if you’re in the market for an epoxy floor Staten Island.