Can I Use Epoxy on a Small Floor Space?

ATK Epoxy Floors provides waterproof and luxurious flooring options. Our products are ideal for various residential and commercial spaces, like warehouses, kitchens, showrooms, and bakeries. You can use epoxy on floors of all sizes, including small floor spaces. If you are looking for an Epoxy Floor Staten Island company to rejuvenate your space, take a look at how our team can help you by installing epoxy flooring on small floor spaces.

Understand the Type of Space

We can customize a floor installment and design plan to your professional or personal space and its needs. A garage floor often supports a lot of traffic and can be susceptible to wear and tear. You may also notice weathered cracks and oil stains on the dirty concrete. Basements may benefit from a floor that is waterproof and durable to remain functional and attractive for a long time. Whether the space is your basement, garage, or somewhere else, we can install epoxy floorings to give the room a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-clean floor.

Preparing the Floor

Installing our floors on smooth, clean surfaces gives us the best chance of a good result. Before we pour the epoxy or primer, we sweep and clean the space to remove any contaminants, debris, and dust. Our specialists can then remove any grease via various methods, like grinding.

Our experts can identify and fix damages on the floor. This can involve repairing any cracks and holes to help the epoxy stick better to the base layer. We can use epoxy patches or paste for big cracks.

Once the repaired cracks have dried, we can sand the floor down. The sanding smoothens the surface and creates the right texture for the epoxy. We can also use aluminum oxide backed paper to get rid of the existing coating and expose the hard surface.

Apply Primer and Epoxy

Our team of technicians then apply the primer before applying the epoxy. The special primer helps the epoxy attach to the base. Once it has dried, we can then apply the bottom layer of the epoxy.Our experts usually begin at the back and apply the epoxy towards the exit.

Once the bottom layer dries, we can do a quick inspection to check for any cracks or holes. If the layer has no issues, we can then apply the next layer of epoxy. Your epoxy floor can take about 24 hours to dry and completely solidify. Do not step on or put any weight on the floor until it has finished curing for 24 hours.

Add Various Finishes and Colors

We can make the small spaces more exciting by adding colored chips and flakes to the epoxy. We can also add dyes or additives to the epoxy during the mixing process to attain a specific appearance or pattern. You just have to tell us your ideal color, tone, or shade.

Install Epoxy Floor Staten Island

If you are looking for an Epoxy Floor Staten Island company, choose ATK Epoxy Floors. Our flooring works perfect for small spaces in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and garages. The epoxy floor can improve and protect outdated, busy, and overused commercial spaces. We can install the floors in schools, showrooms, walk-in refrigeration, warehouses, mechanical shops, and auto shops. Contact us at 917-578-9387 or through our website to get started.