Can Epoxy Flooring Be Used on Wood?

Epoxy is among the most powerful and versatile tools for coating garage flooring. You can use an epoxy coating if you have prepared your wood flooring properly. At ATK Epoxy Floors, we are professionals who can safely add epoxy to your wooden floors as a protective coating and for durability. Here is how epoxy coating can be used on wood:

Applying Epoxy Coating to Wood Floors

Epoxy coating can hide damage and create a clean surface layer for wood floors that are discolored or scratched. Epoxy combines resin and a hardener to form a strong adhesive.

The main advantage is that it sticks to any material, making it a popular choice for the garage. As such, epoxy can adhere to some types of wood.

Bad bonding, blistering, and bubbling can occur with DIY installation. At ATK Epoxy Floors, we will make sure that the epoxy adheres to the wood floors. We have the right tools, materials, and workers to professionally do the whole epoxy installation.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring on Wood

Epoxy flooring offers these benefits to wood:
· Repels liquids and dust
· Prevents falls and slips
· Has a seamless sheen and finish
· Looks expensive and attractive
· Can stand the weight of heavy machinery and equipment
· Is easy to maintain and keep clean

At ATK Epoxy Floors, we will help you to experience these benefits. We will install an epoxy coating on your wood floors that will look aesthetically appealing and last longer.

Preparation Steps Needed Before Applying Epoxy on Wood Floors

Epoxy paint adhesion is not conducive on wood floors coated with sealer or varnish. Before starting the application, remove these coatings using a power or palm sander.

Coat the wood floor using an acrylic latex primer for the epoxy paint to adhere to the wood floor. Let the primed wooden floors dry before applying epoxy paint.

Mix the resin and hardener well for the epoxy to be even. Apply epoxy paint in one session because it hardens quickly.

The process is best done by a professional for a clean look. Attempting to do the application yourself could lead to problems like bad bonding, causing more issues like cracking, peeling, and discoloration. ATK Epoxy Floors offers epoxy flooring services for wood floors to give your commercial or residential space an enhanced upgrade.

Other Considerations

Applying epoxy to wood floors should start from the far corner while working your way toward the exit point of the room. If not, you may end up confined in wet epoxy paint. Many hardware stores have basic epoxy floor coating kits for people to buy and do the installation by themselves. Such products usually don’t adhere well to wood floors, causing them to peel and crack throughout. Hire a professional like ATK Epoxy Floors to get a top-quality epoxy finish.

Hire the Best Coating Garage Flooring Experts

ATK Epoxy Floors offers many services, such as coating garage flooring, basements, and water-prone areas. We will apply epoxy flooring on your wooden floors without the frustration or mess of DIY installation. Get in touch today for details about our services.