How to Prepare a Concrete Floor for Epoxy

An epoxy coating gives your commercial or residential floor a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. Choosing a reputable company of epoxy floor Staten Island will make sure your floor turns out how you envisioned it. At ATK Epoxy Floors, we provide custom epoxy coating surfaces to beautify and protect any floors in any part of your business or home. Here is how to prepare a concrete floor for epoxy.

Before Applying Epoxy

The first step before applying the epoxy coating is prepping the floor. The existing concrete should be free of any surface contaminants and dangerous materials.

Eroded joins need to be replaced or repaired. Fill in cracks and patch spots that need repair before cleaning.

After repairing all the damages, you can start cleaning. Clean oil spots and vacuum the floor to remove debris and dust. Avoid applying a polymer system over concrete-modified topping, patches, or underlayment system unless the manufacturer approves.

Make sure that moisture and humidity are removed from the floor. You can easily and effectively do this by tapping a plastic sheet on the floor and leaving it for several hours. If you notice moisture gathering or appearing under the plastic surface, apply a sealer to block the moisture. Working with epoxy during high moisture scenarios can be extremely tough and cannot guarantee a fully sealed floor. Without proper sealing, the floor can start to bubble.

Whether you’re looking for beauty, strength, or both, we offer the best epoxy coating to fit your budget and needs. Our team will provide the best services to protect your investment for many years.

Concrete Prep Methods

There are three main ways to prepare your concrete floor for epoxy:


Grinding is the common technique for concrete surface preparation of horizontal surfaces. The method helps to smooth the floor before applying an epoxy coating. The process requires the usage of machines and is fairly straightforward.

You will need to use a floor grinder that comes with proper attachments for the floor. Turn the machine on and use side-to-side swaying movements to smooth your floor. After completing the process, vacuum the floor heavily to remove any residue.

Acid Etching

The technique involves the application of an acid solution to the floor. Spread it evenly using a stiff bristle broom, a scrubber, or a similar tool. Leave it for several minutes for the process to take effect.

Remove the acid through power washing. Once the floor is dry, you can vacuum it. Any acid residue left behind should be washed away with a gentle cleaning solution. This works effectively on most floors.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a technique used to flatten out the floor surface. The machine pelts small metallic beads into the floor to remove any stains or damage on the floor. The advantage of this method is that you won’t need to deal with any residue.

If you need help preparing the surface, we can acid etch, grind, or shot blast your surface efficiently and quickly without creating airborne dust. Whether it’s a brand new or replacement coating, we can create surface profile for the coating to adhere properly.

Find the Best Company for Epoxy Floor Staten Island

If you want durability, ease of maintenance, and beauty, install epoxy floor Staten Island. At ATK Epoxy Floors, we are a manufacturer authorized and trained in installing custom epoxy coating services in your business or home. Contact us for help with your flooring project.